A Skirt Out of Season

Well, my plan of moving my sewing machine to London with me didn’t happen to say the least! It’s been one hell of a year and I’m glad to be home for a few weeks before the madness all starts again.


This is a self-drafted skirt I began in April but have only just got finished. While it’s only a simple skirt it was my first time making something that wasn’t from a pattern and like the first time I took my measurements, I was more than a little bit generous and had to take it in a good couple of times.

I made it from a 40cm length of wool fabric I got on the clearance rail in Craftswoman Fabrics in Carrickfergus hence the very short hem but I do actually like it that way. I think if I was going to make it again I might move the waistband up slightly. Especially as the fabric’s so thick at the waistband, I’m not sure quite how flattering it looks. It’s a little like a cube on me but a little cube I still quite like.


I did learn a few new techniques in this one. I successfully inserted an invisible zip on my 3rd attempt. Unpicking that was not fun. My problems with the first two goes were because I hadn’t uncurled the teeth enough to get close to them. I also blind stitched the hem on my machine. There are a couple of gaps where I didn’t quite catch the fabric on the right side but the hem’s not going to fall down anytime soon so I just left it.


It’s fully lined with a plain black lining fabric and the waistband is just interfaced, folded over and slip stitched by hand so that it didn’t look like a waistband. You can see in the photos that the fabric layers there are so thick that you can see the line where it stops anyway.

I’m really glad to be back home with my family and friends for a short time. It’s really tough moving away for the first time. Everything’s a new experience and I even had to Google search how to sort out colours, darks and whites, and whether or not I could tumble dry jeans. Well I can now say that I’ve made it through a year of independent living with only dyingย my bedsheet blue in the wash, and successfully removing many ice cream and chopped tomato stains. I don’t know what my Mum would have to say on that front but I’m calling it a success.


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